How to Create an e-Book Table of Contents

While e-Books are becoming increasingly popular in our digital world, they share fundamental elements with physical books. The table of contents serves as a quick reference point and summary of the main topics of your book. Providing your readers with a well done table of contents makes for a better reading experience.
Depending on what program you are writing your eBook on, make sure to link items on your table of contents to their respective chapters. For example, a table of contents can easily be made on Microsoft Word. By clicking on Insert -> Read more… »

Why Include a Table of Contents in Your e-Book

Should you include a table of contents in your e-book? If you read e-books, you will notice that some have this feature and some don’t. While it’s a personal choice, there are some good reasons to considering including a table of contents.

A very short e-book doesn’t really need a table of contents. Some e-books are little more than articles or reports and there is no point to separating such a “book” into sections. A longer e-book, however, can be made more Read more… »

How to Price Your Self-Published e-Book

Completing an eBook is a significant experience that has more than likely taken many hours of your time. When preparing to self-publish, it is important to price your book carefully to ensure that it will compensate you for your efforts, yet it will still be competitive in the market. While it may be challenging to come up with the perfect price at first, there are several things to consider that can help you to ensure that you have priced your self-published eBook properly.

Doing some research regarding other books in your genre Read more… »

Self-Publishing Success Stories: Three Indie Authors of Best-Selling e-Books

Many authors spend years crafting their novel only to have a publisher casually shrug it off because “it’s not what we are looking for.” More authors are opting to skip the traditional publishing lottery and self-publish their novels. Here are three indie authors who took their books straight to readers and ended up with best-sellers.

Hugh Howie spent his day selling books, other people’s books. Free moments at his bookstore job were spent scribbling his novella “Wool”. When Howie Read more… »

How to Format a Cover for Your e-Book

As ebooks continue to grow in popularity, it is becoming more and more important for independent authors to stand out from the crowd. Designing an attractive cover is an excellent way to grab a reader’s attention, but it is important that the cover be formatted properly so that the full impact of the image can get across clearly.

Many distributors of ebooks have their own rules and specifications that must be followed to publish through them, but if you’re unsure what they are, there are some good basic rules your Read more… »

Top 5 Online Markets for Selling Your Self-Published e-Book

If you’re a writer or author who has decided to take the path of e-book publishing, you’re in luck these days. Not only has the new medium for storytelling encouraged more non-readers to purchase a good book, it has also created a plethora of self-publishing authors utilizing the high-tech format for book promotion and online selling. Many sites are devoted to just this, but only some take the cake for the most reliable and least painful for writers. Here are five of Read more… »

Top 3 Reasons to Self-Publish Your e-Book in 2013

Top Three Reasons
Something quite extraordinary occurred in the literary world: e-Book publishing. e-Book publishing has turned the publishing world upside down. Gone are hundreds of rejection letters, hours of studying literary markets and enduring the tyranny and rigidity of editors and publishers. Self-publish your e-Book in 2013 and enjoy a deep sense of writing confidence that breaks through the barriers of traditional book publishing restrictions. The top three reasons to self-publish your e-Book in 2013 include:

.

e-Books: The Future of the Publishing Industry

The use of eBooks are quickly becoming the preferred method for enjoying your favorite books. eBooks have many advantages over regular books. They allow you to read any number of books anywhere you want. Hauling multiple heavy books around so you can read on-the-go is inconvenient. Pulling out your phone or tablet is a much easier alternative. Downloading free or paid eBooks is much easier than going to the library or bookstore.

eBooks take the hassle out of reading books in non-ideal settings. They Read more… »